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Time to buy great separation? Thermaltake audio

Can you really achieve a deep, open sound with just 2 channels ? Audio engineers have been trying this trick since the invention of stereo. With headphones it's even more of a challenge. Given the difficulty, what can we expect from Thermaltake?

The whole world and its war-dogs are focused on the delivery of crystal clear pixels for the ultimate gaming experience. Each generation brings more and more extreme promises of cinematographic-photorealistic-higher-than-ultra-real images that will sweep you away into an alternative reality.


Millions gets spent on the engineering, development and launch activities, before a journalist gets the chance to utter those immortal words, “Yeah, but will it do 60 frames per second in Crysis at 2560 with everything on ?” – as if that was written on the stone that Moses left up he mountain cos he couldn't carry it.

Anyone (even complete noobs) who has been to a proper LAN event (think Multiplay's iSomnia 40) will know that ‘inter-clan communication' is key to gaming success. It also adds a lot to the ‘individual experience' if your headset can make your guts wobble when it gets close to the brown note.

So what’s the case for Thermaltake making a name in this market with its bold colours and bold claims.

Shock: Styling, price or audio quality?

Thermaltake created its Tt eSports division well over a year ago and has spent that time working with pro-gamers to try and deliver new and unique products to the market.

Computex 2010 saw the boys from Taiwan with a stand full of new stuff. Especially headphones. But are they any good?

We’ll end the suspense. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and KitGuru was, well, shocked at the ‘image' quality delivered by the new ShockOne gaming headset.

The level of depth/separation was incredible. With just 2 channels, the software/hardware engineers have gone to town and produced a significant 3D audio experience. This stuff is really individual, so just because we liked them at our initial test session, is no guarantee that you won't hate them – you will just need to get hands-on @ Insomnia40 or another major LAN – so you can decide for yourself.

We asked our on hand gaming expert, Suzy to try them and (as a life-long-hard-core-CoD-squad-leader) she was very impressed with the immersive experience offered.

Suzy says "Super stereo - something special!" Er... We think.

(OK. We lied. She prefers Final Fantasy and was paid to work the Thermaltake stand – but she was really nice and her ‘Super hero Zoe' outfit matched the headset!)

Shall we make up for that lie with a gratuitous close up ?


Here it is…

Like covering your ears in soft, warm jelly - these guys are seriously comfortable and block noise.

You can expect to see these units in UK stores soon enough – at which point we will also be able to confirm pricing.

KitGuru says: Go to Insomnia40 (i40 to all you old dogs who have slept rough at Newbury race course in the past) and try them yourself. Will be interesting to see how they fair against Senheisser, Steel Series and Razer.

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