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Nintendo World Championships to return for E3

The Nintendo World Championships are a legendary entry in the history of gaming. Back before Esports, before LoL and StarCraft and Quake, before all of it, Nintendo held a competition to find the best gamers in America, by having them play a custom NES cartridge featuring three specific levels from …

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Google to reveal Android M at Google I/O

Google's annual I/O conference is set to take place at the end of this month and rumor has it that we will get our first look at Google's next version of Android at the event. The next version of Android is going to be dubbed ‘Android M', the final name …

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What’s on at Multiplay i52?

Multiplay iSeries events aren't the world's biggest exhibitions – they are still built around the LAN itself afterall – but they're getting bigger every year, which means its ever harder to decide what to showcase as part of our “what's on at Multiplay series.” We've covered iSeries events before, which …

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Blackberry cancels its conference and two phones

Things haven't been looking good over at Blackberry for a while now and the company might not be able to bounce back at all this time. The phone maker has not only cancelled its yearly conference but it has also pulled the plug on two phones it had in development …

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Of course the NSA is defending its data gathering

Well you wouldn't expect it to do a Microsoft now would you? Putting its big dog forward, the NSA chief General Keith Alexander spoke out at a cyber security conference yesterday, where he addressed security professionals from around the world, promising to answer any questions they had. While Wired points …

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