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Diablo Immortal is still making $1 million per day

By now, you should know Diablo fans are not happy with Diablo Immortal. Most people consider it a cash grab, which is hard to counter-argue considering you may spend well over $100K to max out your character. Still, it seems some people don't mind spending that much, as the game still makes over a million dollars one month after release.

According to AppMagic's analysis (via MobileGamer), Diablo Immortal has accumulated over 10 million downloads in its first month. To put things into perspective, Diablo 3 took six weeks to garner 10 million players. Still, it's worth noting Diablo Immortal is a F2P game available for many platforms, whereas Diablo 3 was initially only available for PC. Most downloads originate from the US.

During the first month, the game generated $49m, which translates into an average of $1.63m daily. At this moment, the game isn't generating as much revenue, but it still makes over a million dollars a day. Compared to other big mobile IPs like Apex Legends, Diablo Immortal made almost five times more in a comparable period. Like downloads, US players contribute the most to the game's revenue.

Currently sitting at a 0.3 Metacritic user score, Immortal is one of the lowest user-rated games on the site. However, critics were not as punishing, with the game sitting at a 59 overall score.

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