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Google faces $9bn fine in antitrust case with EU

Over the last several years, Google has been battling it out with the European Commission in court over various antitrust allegations. One of the first antitrust cases to be levied at Google surrounded the company’s ‘Shopping’ search engine, with the EU claiming Google skews results and causes harm to competitors. …

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Google’s Android antitrust deadline extended

Back in April, the European Commission officially filed its anti-trust complaint against Google in regards to Android and its pre-installed apps and services. At the time, Google was given until the 27th of July to refute the complaint but ended up nabbing an extention, bringing the deadline to the 7th …

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Russia is fining Google for pre-installing apps on Android


Google can’t seem to escape its antitrust battles, not only are they under investigation by the European Commission but Russia also had a bone to pick with the search provider over pre-installed Android apps. Now, Google has been hit by a $6.75 million fine in Russia, for requiring pre-installed apps …

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The EU has a new batch of antitrust complaints for Google


The European Union already has two antitrust cases running against Google at the moment, one for Google Shopping and another for Android. Now, it looks like a third case is brewing as the EU has some fresh antitrust complaints against Google’s advertising business. According to the statement of objections, Google’s …

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Intel to fight massive $1.2 billion EU antitrust fine

Back in 2009, the European Union hit Intel with a record breaking $1.2 billion antitrust fine, after concluding that the chip maker had abused its market position to try and stifle AMD’s growth and avoid competition. Intel tried to fight back against the fine with an appeal back in June 2014 but …

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EU issues formal antitrust complaint against Android

Earlier this week we got news that the European Commission was in the final stages of its Android antitrust investigation, taking on formal complaints from companies that feel that Google has abused its market position with the Android OS. The process went quicker than expected as the commission has notified …

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Apple to pay out £315 million in eBook price fixing case

Apple has officially lost its appeal to get out of paying a £315 million fine for conspiring to fix the prices of eBooks in order to push out competitors. A US Supreme Court rejected Apple’s appeal this week, sticking to the original ruling that Apple had violated antitrust laws by …

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The EU Commission hits Qualcomm with antitrust charges

Earlier this year, we heard that the European Commission had begun investigating Qualcomm after receiving some anti-trust complaints. Now, it seems that investigation has wrapped up and the smartphone chip maker giant is facing antitrust charges. Right now, the EU Commission is also trying to pin similar charges on Google …

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