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Adblock Plus wins court battle against advertisers

Adblock Plus has heavily impacted advertisement revenue on the internet and as you can imagine, this has riled some of the advertisers up. However, it looks like the courts are on Adblock’s side as the creator of the software has won a second court battle in recent weeks. This particular …

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Google accused of abusing online dominance by EU

The European Commission has been critical of Google and its business practices for some time now but today, it finally launched its official investigation in to the company on anti-trust grounds, accusing Google of abusing its online dominance to unfairly promote its own products and services. In a statement of …

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EU antitrust regulators will investigate ecommerce industry

The European Union’s regulatory body for international competitiveness is set to perform a thorough investigation into eCommerce within the EU, amid reports that some companies and nations may be deliberately blocking online trade, in order to further their own aims. It hopes that as part of the study it will …

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Former AMD CEO fires Slingshot at Intel

You might not have heard of Lauren Villagran, graduate of Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism with a background that includes Associated Press and CBS, but she’s the lady that’s helped pen one of the most explosive business stories of recent times: The decision by Hector Ruiz to stand up …

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Apple Ebook antitrust suit ends in settlement


Along with four other publishing giants, Apple has agreed to settle an antitrust case with EU regulators over Ebook price fixings. This should lead to a reduction in price restrictions on Ebook sales sites like Amazon. The big five involved were Apple, Simon & Schuster, Hachette Livre, Macmillan and Harper …

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