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Kaspersky withdraws its antitrust complaint against Microsoft

Back in June, Kaspersky Lab filed a big antitrust complaint against Microsoft and its revamped Windows Defender for Windows 10. Now, the Moscow-based cybersecurity firm appears to be backing off, having withdrawn the complaint in Europe after further discussion with Microsoft.

Initially, Kaspersky had complaints surrounding how Microsoft delivered security updates in Windows 10. The company also took issue with Windows Defender being a default anti-virus option within the operating system. Since then, Microsoft has agreed to change how it delivers its security updates going forward, which appears to have satisfied everyone involved.

Going forward, Microsoft has said that it will work more closely with antivirus companies before pushing out new software updates in order to put a stop to any potential compatibility issues. Soon, third-party antivirus vendors will also be able to issue their own notifications to customers regarding expired subscriptions and update releases.

As a result of these changes, Kaspersky has said it is “taking all steps necessary” to withdraw its antitrust filing.

KitGuru Says: I can see why Kaspersky had some complaints, particularly following the most recent Windows 10 update, which replaced third party antivirus with Windows Defender for many. However, it seems Microsoft has managed to hash things out for the time being. How many of you use third-party antivirus software?

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