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European Commission fines Google a record-breaking $5 billion

The European Commission has finally decided the fate of Google following complaints of anti-competitive behaviour surrounding its Android platform. Google has been ordered to pay a record-breaking €4.34bn (£3.8bn/$5bn) fine, which the company states is unjustified given that “Android has created more choice for everyone, not less.” European competition commissioner …

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Apple begins to chip away at €13 billion payment in Irish tax

Back in 2016, the European Commission ruled that Apple owed €13 billion in back-taxes, which the governing body branded as ‘illegal state aid’. While Ireland and Apple are still disputing the ruling, the iPhone manufacturer has now paid out €1.5 billion ($1.76bn) towards the overall sum. The money is currently …

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Google appeals record breaking €2.42 billion fine

Google came under fire this June, netting the biggest fine the European Commission has ever handed out at €2.42 billion. The company has unsurprisingly filed an appeal, opposing the General Court of the European Union’s ruling. The €2.42 billion fine came about via the antitrust allegation that the tech giant …

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Regulator slams Three’s O2 buyout, demands Commission do more

The move by mobile network Three, to try and buyout other major UK network, O2, looks to have hit a snag, as the British antitrust regulator has raised concerns about a recent European Commission investigation into the merger. It described the remedies to cited problems as “materially deficient,” and wants …

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EU Commission may make geo-blocking invalid in Europe

As much as digital streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon have offered us more content in the past few years than has ever been so easily accessible before, one major frustration remains: geo-blocking. However in the future we may all have the same content available, as the European Commission (EUC) …

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Game pricing to be unified throughout Europe

Although GoG operates a credit system for those that are forced to pay more for their digitally downloaded games simply because of where they are from, the pricing system of different titles in Europe has always been a difficult one to justify. We may never have anything as cheaply as our …

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