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Minecraft toys coming to a store near you

Minecraft is this generation’s Mario. It’s the game that’s going to define a genre and generation of gamers for years to come and for many, will be the first game they really invested themselves in. Not us, we’re too old, but those kids, this will be the one they remember. To help them out in that regard, when they finally move out, they can take with them their collections of Minecraft figures, which are set to hit the shops in the next couple of weeks.

Made by Character Options, thee same company that handles Disney and Doctor Who action figures, the new Minecraft range will be three inches tall, with articulated limbs and come in several different flavours: Steve, Enderman, Creeper and Zombie. Each will come with its own personal accessory, like a pickaxe or spade, and a single block of varied type. Each will be priced at £7.99.


However these guys aren’t the only Minecraft toys heading our way. Character Options is also releasing a paper-craft range, which comes with 30+ foldable blocks, which lets you build, Minecraft style, outside of the game world. These kits will come with added animal mobs or hostiles and cost £9.99 each. Larger packs will also be available for £12.99 and £19.99 a piece, coming with 48 pieces and 90 pieces respectively.


The final piece in this puzzle are the plushes, with Creeper, Enderman and pig versions, though no pricing information has been revealed for these yet.


KitGuru Says: You’ve been able to buy pick-axes and the like for a while now, but will any of these papercraft of action figures attract you guys to drop some cash on it?

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