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Whatsapp website briefly defaced by protestors

A group of protesters demanding peace for Palestine took it upon themselves to paint their message across the Whatsapp website this morning. Taking responsibility, is KDMS, a team of pro-Palestinians claiming to be a part of the Anonymous group.

The Whatsapp page title was changed to ‘You got pwned', the reasoning behind which seems to be all about Palestine losing land to Israel. The page goes on to say Palestinian land has been stolen by “Zionist”  and that they deserve their land back and their people released from Israeli jails.


The groups tag line seems to be ‘There is no full security'.

The actual Whatsapp messaging service wasn't affected during the attack but the main website is currently down. The domain IP for the Whatsapp site was also changed, allowing the hackers to redirect people to any page they wanted.

Millions of people use Whatsapp as their primary messaging service every day, so it's good to know that the actual service was not affected. However, maybe this could be seen as a wake up call for Whatsapp to step up its security.

KitGuru Says: While the Whatsapp site is down for now, presumably it won't take too long to bring it back up and return it to normal. The question is though, whether security will be tightened enough to prevent a repeat attack?

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