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Here’s what you need for a modern day protest

As much as many cheered on Arab Spring protests in Africa and the Middle East over the past few years, it was obvious even in less developed countries that the technological disparity between protesters and governments is widening. So what can modern day protesters do to keep themselves safe from …

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French politicians urge rethink on Taxi laws due to Uber

Uber has been a pretty disruptive company to the traditional taxi industries around the world. There have been protests, sometimes violent, against the use of the technology as it tends to cut into the profits of those driving standard taxis. In the aftermath of these issues, Uber has actually suspended …

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Pepper spray drones tested in India

Even though drones may bring the promise of faster deliveries, wonderfully gimballed footage and the ability to really up the ante on curtain peeping neighbours, they're also seeing a lot of use in military and policing sectors. In India for example, they've been trialling them for use with crowd control …

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10,000 Hungarians protest internet tax

We reported last week that the Hungarian government had announced a new tax set to be brought into effect in 2015, that would see individuals and corporations taxed by the gigabyte they used. No measly sum either, but around £0.40 per GB. Due to public upheaval it later added a …

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Stop Watching Us rally draws thousands

Organisers of the Stop Watching Us protest rally that took place in Washington DC over the weekend, are calling it the biggest anti-mass surveillance protest in US history, as thousands arrived to listen to speeches, march and to deliver a petition to government, requesting an end to the mass collection …

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Whatsapp website briefly defaced by protestors

A group of protesters demanding peace for Palestine took it upon themselves to paint their message across the Whatsapp website this morning. Taking responsibility, is KDMS, a team of pro-Palestinians claiming to be a part of the Anonymous group. The Whatsapp page title was changed to ‘You got pwned', the reasoning …

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Turkish government wants to crack down on Twitter

We've talked about Turkey before. It's a hotbed of protest right now and its government isn't a big fan of that, or social networking. In a new move, the ruling party is now hoping to coerce Twitter to set up a facility in the country, so it can have more …

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Turkish citizens take to VPN to prevent government crackdown

It seemed clear from yesterday's rants by Turkish PM  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that he's not a big fan of the internet and specifically social networks. In the past, countries undergoing heavy civilian protests have attempted to crack down on internet usage because it helps protesters organise and get the word out …

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Turkish PM is not a Facebook fan

The prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has named social media as “the worst menace to society,” suggesting that it is a tool of liars, that is being utilised to bad mouth the government and support protests in the country. Protests have been taking place due to the proposed …

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Jordanian website blackout hits hundreds in protest

Blackout Jordan

Update: The main site for 7oryanet does appear to be down for now, but the explanation of the protest is still up. The site's owners just tweeted that they are working on getting the site back online. Original Story In a similar style to the website blackouts initiated by many …

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Hacktivists infect 30,000 PCs at Saudi oil company

For as long as there have been computers, there have been hackers. Moving forward in the 21st century, there seems to be an ever increasing risk of activists, with a political agenda and computer skills, attacking major companies without putting themselves at risk in the streets. KitGuru considers this latest …

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YouTube introduces auto face blurring

YouTube Blur

YouTube has announced new privacy pro feature that allows video uploaders to blur the faces of everyone in a video with just a simple click. According to the blog post detailing the feature, the idea is to allow anonymity for those that need or deserve it. Examples given include children …

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