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Jordanian website blackout hits hundreds in protest

Update: The main site for 7oryanet does appear to be down for now, but the explanation of the protest is still up. The site’s owners just tweeted that they are working on getting the site back online.

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In a similar style to the website blackouts initiated by many admins earlier this year in protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills, citizens of Jordan have been doing the same by blacking out hundreds of popular sites to protest a draft bill to amend the Press and Publications law.

If passed, the bill could be used to block international websites, as well as giving the government the go ahead to restrict online commenting and social media.  As well as this, it holds platform providers responsible for the comments of its users, meaning many websites would no longer be able to operate user input information for fear that they would be targeted by the government.

Another part of the bill that sounds curiously familiar, is the fact that all of the propositions are very ambiguous, meaning it wouldn’t take much to extend the initial intentions of the law far further. Evidently unhappy with such a potential turn out, the Jordanians are out in the force, blacking out their websites.

For a more detailed explanation of the bill and the problems with it 70ryanet has a good run down.

Blackout Jordan
This is what you get if you visit many of Jordan's bigger sites today

In a similar fashion to SOPA/PIPA and ACTA, those protesting the bill feel it has been rushed through parliament and that not only is further scrutiny needed, but it should be stopped in its tracks.

Understandably the movement has been gaining traction on social networks, with Twitter being inundated with #BlackoutJo tweets, some from popular figures; like Noor Al Hussein, Jordan’s Queen. She posted:  “Hypocrisy,lies,intolerance,hate,violence-all unhealthy evils. Where does it start and end. #censorship #BlackOutJO”.

It’s hoped by the organisers of the protest that if enough exposure from international media is placed upon this bill, that the government will withdraw it.

KitGuru Says: Better not let them down then. Good luck Jordan. #BlackoutJO

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