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Social media firms increase extremist crackdowns

In the wake of several attacks linked to extremist terrorist groups, social networking firms like Twitter, Google and Facebook are being asked by many governments and intelligence agencies to step up their fight against those that would incite violence against others. They will now attempt to take down anything they …

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UK Government to introduce new hate-group laws

Being a member of a group that is classified as one that encourages ‘radicalisation’ or spouts hate-speech, could lead to the very meeting of such an organisation made illegal, under new laws announced by the re-elected Conservative government. Promised by Theresa May and David Cameron before the election, cracking down …

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Dominatrix directory owner arrested and questioned over tweets

With the election heating up over the next few weeks and discussions about everything from immigration to the NHS being thrown at each respective candidate, one topic seems far from their minds, despite its relevance. Sex, pornography and their various respective industries have been under attack in the UK for …

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Anti-semitism report wants to ban racists from Twitter

The All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-semitism, has made a formal request that politicians make it possible to ban racists from social networks in their entirety, much like sex offenders can have their internet access restricted. This comes after the group’s recent report found that anti-semitism was on the rise on …

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Anti-spy groups want software firms held accountable for snooping

Companies that sell invasive spying software to oppressive regimes around the world, should be held accountable. That’s according to the Coalition Against Unlawful Surveillance Exports (CAUSE) which has just been launched in Brussels, Belgium. Made up of representatives from a variety of other rights organisations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights …

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China must hire thousands to police social networks


While the Chinese government has never been open about how exactly it censors its own form of micro-blogging site, Weibo, a look at statistics and some quick calculations from one man has suggested the authorities could have several thousand people on the payroll, who’s only job is to flag and …

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India Facebook arrests mirror British censorship

Kapil Sibal

I’ve been talking about British censorship on social networks Twitter and Facebook a lot here at Kitguru in the past few weeks. From the Poppy Burning fiasco, to the extended look into social networking and freedom of speech, the fact that people are getting in legal trouble for making single, …

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Jordanian website blackout hits hundreds in protest

Blackout Jordan

Update: The main site for 7oryanet does appear to be down for now, but the explanation of the protest is still up. The site’s owners just tweeted that they are working on getting the site back online. Original Story In a similar style to the website blackouts initiated by many …

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Music Mafia threatens Google with hit?

The music industry is a lap dancer. Pure and simple. It wants to fill the room with it, plaster it everywhere, wave it right in front of your nose and then imprison you if you have the audacity to put a finger on its product. KitGuru just read an article …

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