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4chan is going broke, may need drastic changes

Message board 4chan is in serious financial trouble and unless some drastic changes can turn the ship around, much of the site may need to close. The current owner told users on Sunday that the site may need to implement pop-up adverts, a cap on upload sizes and potentially even close …

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Anonymous affiliate group shuts down KKK website

In a continuation of its age old practices of denying web presences to those it deems unworthy of them, an affiliate group of the hacktivist movement, Anonymous, has taken down a website run by the Ku Klux Klan. The White Knights of the KKK site has yet to reappear, after …

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Obama’s email shows up on Anonymous hit list

The hacktivist movement known as Anonymous has drawn a lot of positive attention to itself as of late, for its announcement and subsequent following up, of an attack on the internet presence of Daesh, the group often referred to as ISIS or ISIL. However it looks like in its efforts …

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Anonymous knocks out thousands of ISIS Twitter accounts

In the wake of the Paris attacks last week, Hacktivist movement Anonymous recently announced its intention to go after so-called Islamist State militants and recruiters on Twitter. So far it seems to be having some real success, with claims of more than 5,500 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts taken down, and a …

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Twitter forces Tor users to give up phone number

To help crack down on nuisance and menacing individuals on Twitter, the social network has enacted a new policy whereby US visitors attempting to set up new accounts via the Tor anonymising browser software will be required to activate a phone number before being able to access it. Setting one …

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Anonymous to target Westminster paedophiles next

The hacktivist movement, Anonymous, recently drew headlines once again for its actions against the Islamic State terrorist organisation, but now it's looking to take on targets a little closer to home. Last week it launched #OperationDeathEaters, which will see the group attempt to gather information on and expose those within the …

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Anonymous takes down hundreds of ISIS social media accounts

The hacktivist movement Anonymous has made good on its promises to target those associated with the violent extremist organisation, ISIS, by taking over and knocking out hundreds of websites and social media accounts that help promote the organisation and encourage recruitment from new members. Apparently though, this is just the …

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Patriot hacker The Jester to retire persona

Even though the '80s and '90s taught us to fear the power of hackers with their cereal box whistles and surprisingly visual interfaces, the '00s and beyond have really brought them to the fore. Not only have we heard about the covert underground of state sponsored hacking on a much …

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Kickstarter suspends anonymous router project

August Germar recently launched a project on Kickstarter, Anonabox. The aim was to raise $7500 to build and create a tiny custom router that would send all browsing traffic across the Tor network, ensuring anonymity and traffic encryption. The project made $585,000 in its first five days but it looks like …

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Facebook to allow the use of pseudonyms

For the first time in a long time, it looks like Facebook, the king of social media, is a little worried about the competition. Ello, the social network that is advertiser free and lets users register under false or made up names if they choose, is gaining traction and Facebook …

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Anonymous Slovenia claims to have hacked the FBI

Despite having anonymity as their namesake and practice, there are localised version of the hacking movement Anonymous all over the world, and one of them – in this case the Slovenian branch – is claiming to have hacked the FBI, revealing details about its director and login information for many …

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Whatsapp website briefly defaced by protestors

A group of protesters demanding peace for Palestine took it upon themselves to paint their message across the Whatsapp website this morning. Taking responsibility, is KDMS, a team of pro-Palestinians claiming to be a part of the Anonymous group. The Whatsapp page title was changed to ‘You got pwned', the reasoning …

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Anonymous leaks NSA data in wake of spying scandal

In-case you don't read other news sources (and why would you, we do a fantastic job here of covering, literally, everything, ever) America's National Security Agency (NSA) just got caught spying on a huge number of its citizens using services like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and a mass of others – …

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Turkish citizens take to VPN to prevent government crackdown

It seemed clear from yesterday's rants by Turkish PM  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that he's not a big fan of the internet and specifically social networks. In the past, countries undergoing heavy civilian protests have attempted to crack down on internet usage because it helps protesters organise and get the word out …

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US Federal Reserve hacked, mildly

Federal Reserve

The United States Federal Reserve has announced that one of its internal websites was hacked, though it has assured the public that no critical functions of the bank were affected and that the flaw in the system that allowed the hacker to gain access has now been shored up. “The …

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Anonymous targets Israel with protests, hacks


While Israel might have the support of Western governments with regards to its Palestinian conflict, it doesn't garner quite the same feelings from the online world. Apparently over the weekend, the Israeli government was hit by over 44 million hacking attempts, some of which came from the faceless hacktivist movement, …

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Theresa May website hacker is arrested

Theresa May

A 41 year old man has been arrested for hacking the website of current British home secretary, Theresa May, as well as orchestrating a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. He was arrested as part of a joint operation between Scotland Yard and local police officers on Tuesday and was …

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Anonymous settles Zynga in its sights


Anonymous has targeted Facebook game maker Zynga, in its latest hacktivist action, announcing its intention to release reams of internal information about a possible layoff of nearly 1,000 more employees. The collective also plans to let loose the developer's entire game catalogue for free, unless it goes back on its …

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Anonymous hits Pussy Riot court website


Internet hacktivist movement Anonymous, has shown how it feels about the recent conviction of Russian anti-government protesters, the band Pussy Riot, by defacing the website of the court that sentenced them. To show their dissaproval at the outcome of the trial, the Anons posted a video of the latest single …

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ACTA defeated in Europe


Members of European Parliament have sunk the ACTA ship, voting to reject the treaty and make it un-enforceable by member nations. While there is still the potential for countries outside the EU to enact it, it would take a large majority to successfully pass it and with the consensus on …

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Federal sites come back online after Anonymous attack

Many of the websites which were shut down by well known hacking group Anonymous were back up and running today. Megaupload.com leaders were arrested, with the site subsequently shut down and Anonymous acted in retaliation taking down the FBI websites and the U.S. Department Of Justice. A law enforcement officer …

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Anonymous group take down child porn sites

Well known hacking group Anonymous will be popular this week as they claim to have taken down 40 child pornography websites while publishing the names of 1,500 people involved. This happened around a week ago but has just surfaced at the weekend. They posted statements on pastebin saying that they …

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Anonymous under close surveillance from Feds

Anonymous have been a topic of conversation almost every week this year, thanks to their high profile attacks on businesses and government organisations. Federal investigators are saying that this small group of pranksters has turned into a serious national security threat. The FBI have placed Anonymous high on their radar, …

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Who hacked the BART police website?

Hackers have launched an attack against the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) website. This is an attack after BART shut down cellphone and wifi services during a protest over a police shooting. According to a report on CNET, a database which belonged to the BART Police Officers Association …

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