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Anonymous donation of $500k set to be clawed back

Hacking group Anonymous looks to have pulled on a Christmas coup against the life styles of the rich and famous, by hacking into card details being poorly secured by a company called Stratfor. KitGuru dons a trench coat and picks up bits of paper.

Stratfor stands for strategic forecasting and the company specialises in looking into its corporate crystal balls, before giving them a gentle rub and predicting watching the accurate predictions gush forth.

Ironic then, that they did not see the pants down card date nicking incident coming.

It looks as though the details for up to 50,000 credit Cards have been ‘borrowed’, of which 10,000 were live and ready to help the poor and needy at Christmas.

Despite the fact that Stratfor is loaded as a company, with plenty of big paying customers in the Fortune 500 list, they are intent to reclaim each and every one of these $10 donations, rather than let the poor and needy have a slightly better life.

Makes you wonder why they were targeted.

At the time of writing, Stratfor scientists had a copy of Dreamweaver open on a Celeron laptop and were re-writing their web site. You know. For added security.

KitGuru says: While crime is a bad thing, the way that Anonymous has targeted paedophiles for exposure while making small donations from rich people to charities, means that they are playing a very smart game with public opinion.

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