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Federal sites come back online after Anonymous attack

Many of the websites which were shut down by well known hacking group Anonymous were back up and running today. Megaupload.com leaders were arrested, with the site subsequently shut down and Anonymous acted in retaliation taking down the FBI websites and the U.S. Department Of Justice.

A law enforcement officer told CNN the FBI were investigating the incident.

Anonymous targeted 10 websites and other sites still remain down, such as those for BMI and Universal Music. Universal Music had the message “The Site is under maintenance. Please expect it to be back shortly.” posted on their front page.

Anonymous warned that the attack would take place yesterday posting “We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites. Lulz. The FBI didn’t think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us.” It appears the promises were held and many sites were taken down in the attack.

They said yesterday on a Twitter feed associated with the group “One thing is certain: EXPECT US! #Megaupload” and an hour later they followed up with “Tango down! http://universalmusic.com & http://www.justice.gov// #Megaupload”

The RIAA made a statement regarding the attacks, claiming that the takedown of Megaupload.com was important “The fact that a couple of sites might have been taken down is really ancillary to the significant news today that the Justice Department brought down one of the world’s most notorious file-sharing hubs.”

Authorities claim that Megaupload generated $175 million in illegal profits through advertising and the sale of premium membership accounts.

Four of the site leaders were arrested in Auckland, and three others have yet to be found. The file sharing site was shutdown after 20 search warranties were executed in eight countries, seizing 18 domain names and $50 million of assets, including servers in various countries.

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