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Yahoo said to confirm major security breach this week


It looks like Yahoo may have suffered a massive security breach recently, which could impact millions of users. So far, Yahoo has yet to publicly confirm the data leak but according to sources close to the situation, the breach is ‘widespread and serious', we should also be getting confirmation from …

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Epic Games had its forum hacked

It seems that Epic Games is the latest company to have its servers compromised. It seems that a hacker managed to get access to the Epic games forum servers and accessed username, email address, password and date of birth information that users registered with. Not every forum was affected, the …

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Mt. Gox database leaked, CEO issues spam warning

Hackers have claimed to have accessed and leaked the Mt. Gox database showing that there should be a 915k Bitcoin balance left in the exchange. The hackers also hit Mt. Gox CEO, Mark Karpeles' personal blog and Reddit account in an effort to investigate allegations of fraud after the exchange lost …

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Kickstarter was hacked last week

Popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter, was hacked last week and the attackers managed to get away with some of the company's customer data although no payment information was compromised. However, during the breach, some passwords, phone numbers and email addresses were taken. The company was very open and honest about the …

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Whatsapp website briefly defaced by protestors

A group of protesters demanding peace for Palestine took it upon themselves to paint their message across the Whatsapp website this morning. Taking responsibility, is KDMS, a team of pro-Palestinians claiming to be a part of the Anonymous group. The Whatsapp page title was changed to ‘You got pwned', the reasoning …

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Heroes of Newerth accounts hacked


S2 Games has announced that its MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth, has been hacked and the passwords of user's accounts have been breached. To counter it the developer has reset everyone's passwords and is recommending that any players change any login information elsewhere that shares details with HoN. Showing a …

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Bitcoin confidence shaken after Bitfloor hack


The image of Bitcoin as a reliable option for investment and online transactions, has been hit once again, after trading site Bitfloor was hit by hackers – leading to the loss of over 24,000 (£160,000) of the digital currency. Wired reports, that the hackers were able to gain access to …

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