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The BBC is launching a US streaming service in 2016

It looks like The BBC is planning to expand in the US with its own TV streaming service in 2016. It won’t be quite like the free to watch iPlayer that we are used to here in the UK though. Apparently, The BBC’s US service will be subscription based and operate more like Netflix.

There are some BBC shows already available in the US through licensing deals with networks, while others can be found on the likes of Hulu or Netflix, so The BBC may find it hard to compete until those license deals run out. Particularly without shows like Sherlock or Doctor Who.


This will bring a new stream of revenue to The BBC, which it needs at this point as the British government is reviewing how the network conducts its business as well as its funding. According to reports, the new streaming service in the US won’t just emulate the UK iPlayer, so there will be some changes made.

We also don’t know anything about pricing, which shows will be available or when the service will launch just yet.

KitGuru Says: Since I’m not based in the US, I don’t know first hand exactly what is readily available to watch from the BBC in that country. However, I do think that the network will have a hard time competing with Hulu and Netflix, which dominate a large portion of the streaming market. 

Via: The Verge

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