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ARCTIC Accelero Twin Turbo 690 Cooler review (w/ Asus GTX690)

Rating: 8.0.

We have reviewed many ARCTIC products in the last year, and today we are looking at their latest cooler, the Accelero Twin Turbo 690. As the name would suggest this is specifically designed for the current NVIDIA GTX690 flagship graphics solution. Is this worth the hefty $169.95 asking price?

The Accelero Twin Turbo 690 Cooler is designed to reduce the noise and drop the temperatures of the high end GTX690 and as the image above highlights, it is based around two large 120mm fans.

For the purposes of the review today, we need a ‘test’ subject. We are using an ASUS GTX690, which you can buy from Overclockers for £839.99 inc vat.

There is no such thing as a ‘cheap’ GTX690, but with prices up to £999.99 inc vat today, the ASUS GTX690 seems like somewhat of a bargain. Yes, I can’t believe I said that either.

The specifications of this card are:

  • Core Clock: 915MHz (GK104) x2
  • Core Boost Clock: 1019MHz x2
  • Innovative thermal design: Vapour Chamber (Quieter & Cooler than previous generation)
  • Memory: 4096MB GDDR5 (2x 2GB)
  • Memory Clock: 6008MHz (Effective)
  • Memory Interface: 512-Bit (2x 256-Bit)
  • Processing Cores: 3072 (2x 1536)
  • Bus Type: PCI-Express GEN 3.0 (Backwards compatible)
  • Display Connectors: 3x Dual-Link DVI-I, & 1x Mini-Displayport

So we can already see that this cooler is improved on the reference solution. Can the ARCTIC Accelero Twin Turbo 690 outperform the ASUS solution?

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  • Lucas Johnston

    well thats extremely sexy, and extremely expensive!

  • Dannie

    Id love to know how many GTX690’s have sold in the UK, as a total figure/ £900 for a video card? cant be too many thats for sure.

  • Harris

    ARCTIC make some great products, but these are really expensive coolers, you could buy a video card for the same price as this cooler.

  • Ethan

    I just installed a 690 for a customer few weeks ago, but there is some issues with the card, then we changed a new one for the customer, still can’t play some of the games

  • Andres

    Well, I don’t see myself paying $170 for ~10-20 degrees cooler.

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  • JuanPabloCuervo

    Weight! before & after, Original cooler Weight vs. Accelero difference, Weight with 1 fan removed? 800grms seems too much for a video card, temperature performance with 1 fan? Front vs. Back? fins removed? The only thing that holds me back is the unknown weight difference. Is there a hybrid in the future? Or a gtx590?

  • JuanPabloCuervo

    Passive performance? All fans removed & dissconected? Weight all fans removed?

  • JuanPabloCuervo

    Is this thing SLI Compatible? I mean is compatible with double wide pcie connectors?