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Chrome 17 is out, adds Omnibox prerendering

Another day, another web browser version. Or so it seems between Firefox and Chrome lately. Today is Google's turn with Chrome 17 being released in stable form after a month long beta phase.

Build 17.0.963.46 brings with it another performance booster in the form of Omnibox Prerendering support that comes into effect as soon as the user begins typing into the URL bar. It will auto-complete the intended site's address with the highest of likelihood and then prerender the page so that it will appear much faster when the Enter key is pressed. It's possible to monitor details of prerendered pages by using the local URL: chrome://net-internals/#prerender.

Google has also extended the safe browsing features of Chrome 17 with the ability to check .exe and .msi files against a whitelist for any malicious content.

Keen to try out the latest stable build of Chrome? You can download Chrome 17 here.

KitGuru says: Another step in the right direction with faster browsing and safer downloading.

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