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Google dropping SPDY support for HTTP/2


Support for Google's home-grown experimental networking protocol SPDY (pronounced speedy) will soon be dropped by browser vendors and eventually Google itself, as they move on to the new standard, HTTP/2. While this second version of the well-known hyper text transfer protocol has been a long time coming, we can in part thank …

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Facebook Login claims over 60% of customer identity services logins

gigya login

Facebook has provided a login option for 3rd party since 2008, and in recent years, social logins have become a very popular option to allow users to login to websites securely. Recent statistics from Gigya, a company that provides an identity management platform that bundles login options from several different providers, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter …

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HTML could soon have its own web based DRM


While it seems to be uncertain at the moment if it'll become a standard – here's hoping not – the possibility of adding DRM to HTML is being talked about as a very real possibility in the near future. Known as the Encrypted Media Extensions proposal, the project is already …

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Kids drug parents to access internet

Child therapists say that rebellion is a healthy and natural part of growing up, but just how far is healthy and when would rebellion become a problem? KitGuru ponders the nature of ‘too far' while researching the actions of a 16-year old girl in the USA, who tried to bypass an internet …

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Chrome 17 is out, adds Omnibox prerendering

Another day, another web browser version. Or so it seems between Firefox and Chrome lately. Today is Google's turn with Chrome 17 being released in stable form after a month long beta phase. Build 17.0.963.46 brings with it another performance booster in the form of Omnibox Prerendering support that comes …

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