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Google Chrome for Android hits the Market in beta form

After a longer than expected wait, Google's Chrome web browser is coming to Android with a beta release having just been made available on the Android market. All the most commonly used and loved features of Chrome have been carried over to the Mobile version, only some of which are implemented in a slightly different way.

For instance, while the mobile version also supports tabs, rather than them sitting across the top of the browser, they are designed to be simply flicked through in a more easily accessible fashion that suits smaller screens.

Another cool feature when using Chrome for Android is the ability to sign into your Google account like you do in the desktop version of Chrome and have it automatically sync all of the data from your desktop. Going one step further, the mobile version also brings a new feature that lets you set up automatic syncing of whatever is currently open on your desktop browser so that it shows up instantly when you start Chrome for Android.

At this time the beta build of Chrome for Android is restricted to 10 countries; these being in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. No doubt that list will be expanding sometime soon. Oh, and another important mention is that you must be using a device that runs Android 4.x in order to try it out.

You can check out the demo video from Google below, or head straight over to the Google Blog for more details.

KitGuru says: Testing on HTML5test.com also reflects significantly better performance when compared to the default Android browser.

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