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France’s biggest file sharing site has been shut down by Police


The biggest file sharing website in France, Zone-Telechargement, has been shut down after being seized by the police. This will see millions of file sharers looking elsewhere for their content, as Zone-Telechargement was ranked as the 11th biggest website in France at the time of its shutdown. Launched in 2011, …

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Youtuber rages at user base for pirating his movie

KSI, best known in some circles for being banned from Eurogamer Expo for inappropriate behaviour towards female attendees, is mad that people are pirating his recent movie. Fans have highlighted his own pirating ways in the past, but that only seems to have incensed the man more. Olajide Olatunji, otherwise …

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KickassTorrent growth shows piracy is alive and well

Although services like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have gone a long way to make buying content legitimately an easy and affordable way to consume media, piracy is still alive and well. If there was any need for proof of that fact, KickassTorrents has just entered the top 70 …

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PIPCU goes after dodgy box seller in latest piracy crackdown

Although most pirates that organisations like the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) go after tend to be uploaders, seeders and platform providers, there is a more real world group that they want to crack down on too: the sellers of pirating hardware. Boxes that give you free access to …

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Torrent takedowns get ahead of Walking Dead pirates

For the first time it seems that those looking to shut down torrents of popular TV shows might be doing it too fast for pirates to share it, as getting hold of the latest episode of The Walking Dead has proved much harder for pirating fans. Many of the biggest torrent …

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Google to go after fake ‘Download’ and ‘Play’ buttons

Google has announced that it is targeting one of the internet's more irritating trends, fake buttons. Launched as part of its “safe browsing,” scheme, Google will warn people away from sites that employ phony buttons by giving them a warning message before visiting, much like when it thinks an attempt …

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CNET can keep its torrent client downloads, court rules


Last week we heard how a coalition of artists and one billionaire had targeted CNET's Download.com with legal action, hoping that the court would ban it from distributing the file sharing software uTorrent. However a court has now ruled that the site is more than within its right to continue …

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Artists claim CNET responsible for all BitTorrent piracy


A collection of artists and billionaire FilmOn founder Alki David, have accused CBS and CNET's run Download.com, as being responsible for most of the world's piracy, simply because it currently and has for a long time, offered torrent software for download. Of course that's like suggesting kitchen utensil sales companies like John …

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Users label Apple OS download ‘dumb’

KitGuru is in love with the Japanese idea of maximum efficiency with minimum effort. It's something that permeates not only the universe as a whole, but the world if technology in particular. One of the first things that any computer science student learns is that, in life, remove repeating groups. …

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App Store downloads approach 30 billion

The world divides in a number of ways. Popular divisions include “Ah yes, I remember a time before the video recorder had been invented” as well as “Sorry, what's a tape?” – alongside “Liverpool can't seem to end the season without winning the championship” to “Nope – never won it …

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