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Youtuber rages at user base for pirating his movie

KSI, best known in some circles for being banned from Eurogamer Expo for inappropriate behaviour towards female attendees, is mad that people are pirating his recent movie. Fans have highlighted his own pirating ways in the past, but that only seems to have incensed the man more.

Olajide Olatunji, otherwise known as KSI, operates one of the largest channels on Youtube, with close to 15 million subscribers and a huge social media presence. This has lead him to develop a music career and begin delving into acting, like in his recently released debut movie: Laid in America. It's about two exchange students trying to do what the title suggests, and it's been about as well received as you might expect.

However it's not the response from critics which has so angered leading man KSI, but that people have been pirating it. In a profanity laden, seven minute tirade, the Youtuber lambasts his audience for not paying for his film. He suggests perhaps they do it because they hate him, or because he's black.

Source: Annahalsboe

Many of his fans and detractors have pointed out however that KSI was once caught out using a pirated version of Sony Vegas to edit his videos, to which KSI's response was to repost the image someone made of him dressed as Jack Sparrow, without crediting the original creator.

While that sort of deep meta joke may be lost on the likes of us, TorrentFreak has an interesting, conspiratorial suggestion about the video. While KSI's antics might seem enraged, they aren't that uncommon judging by his previous Youtube content. Therefore TF wonders if perhaps this is a somewhat scripted, traditional anti-piracy message coming from a content creator, rather than a pre-movie advert or MPAA statement.

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KitGuru Says: It's pretty crazy to suggest that people would pirate a film you're in because they don't like you. Those people would just not watch the film. Right? Regardless, it's surprising that someone who grew up with easily piratable-content everywhere would have such a negative attitude towards it. You can guarantee Sony Vegas wasn't the first thing he pirated.

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