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Firefox 11 beta brings some notable additions

Just days after the release of Firefox 10, the firey Mozilla dev team has kicked out the first beta build of Firefox 11, but if you'd just installed 10 and/or tire of seeing build after build released in what feels like once a week lately, you may wish to reconsider before dropping interest in this particular build as it does roll in a number of interesting additions that may well be what you've been holding out for.

First is the implementation of a new add-on synchronization feature which automates the process of mirroring add-on installations across multiple computers; thus saving you time and effort doing it the manual way. Then there's the updated migration tool, now allowing you to import Chrome content in the form of bookmarks, history and cookies.

Further to those are some other minor tweaks and aesthetic adjustments such as a redesigned media control setup for HTML5 video playback and support for the CSS text-size-adjust and outerHTML properties.

If you're a web dev there's a few little toys for you to play with here as well; a feature called Page Inspector 3D View which allows you to view the structure and make-up of a web page in layered 3D form, a new Style Editor tool, SPDY support and some other bits and pieces.

Keen to try Firefox 11 beta out? Just head over to this page where you'll find it for Windows, Mac OS or Linux in a multitude of languages.

KitGuru says: At this rate, it would be nice of they'd roll in an automated update process to save the hassle of manual downloading multiple times a month. At least the changelog with this build is somewhat more warranted.

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One comment

  1. Automatic updates are coming with FF13 or 14. Those will only work with Windows afaik.
    Linux self auto-updates via the package manager already and does not need it.

    I’m not sure why its not ported to OSX.