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Firefox continues to recover as IE, Safari falter

Desktop browser usage was once dominated by Internet Explorer, but those days are long gone. Today Chrome rules the roost and as Internet Explorer usage took a huge dip in 2016, many of those transitioned over to the Google browser. However at the tail end of the year Firefox began …

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What should Mozilla’s new logo be?


Mozilla, the foundation behind Firefox, not the browser itself, is looking to revamp its logo. That means ditching the red T-Rex head of yesteryear in favour of something new and it wants its community of users from around the world to help it decide. What's your preference? The redesign idea …

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Firefox is finally available for iOS

Mozilla has been promising a version of its Firefox browser for iOS users for some time now, with the app initially announced way back in September last year. Now, Firefox has finally been made available on Apple's App Store, after public beta testing launched in September to help stomp out …

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Is latest security hole the death of flash?

Flash was once a mainstay of the online world, providing us with everything from animations, to games, to vibrating pop-up banners, but no more. With the advent of smartphones that dropped support for the oft-insecure platform, it's fallen by the wayside. It continues to be used in some corners of …

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Latest version of Firefox comes with DRM

Mozilla has launched Firefox version 38, bring digital rights management to the web browser for the first time. This change currently only affects Windows Vista or later users and has not yet been brought over to the Linux or Mac OS X versions of the browser. Mozilla has managed to …

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Another week, another Flash vulnerability


You really should disable or uninstall Adobe Flash at this point. If you haven't yet done so however here is another reason, following on from last week's 0-day exploit; there is another critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited in the wild, the only difference this time is that there is …

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Firefox browser may finally come to iOS

iPhone and iPad users may finally be able to download the Firefox browser on their devices soon as Mozilla's Vice President for the browser is keen to get on to the App Store. This is a step away from Mozilla's previous stance as the company has stated in the past …

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Mozilla experiments with virtual reality websites

The internet looks a lot different than it did just a few years ago and far different again than a few years before that. The further back you go, the more archaic it seems and the more lacking in modern design choices and style features it is than the years …

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Is this 64bit Firefox faster for you?

Update: As many of our other users have pointed out, any bandwidth improvements seen by those that sent in the original story were likely coincidental, as browser is very unlikely to affect that. However, something like rendering speed for certain browser properties is very much affected by your choice. Putting …

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Mozilla CEO resigns over anti-gay publicity

The CEO of the Mozilla Foundation, Brendan Eich, has resigned, following on from OKCupid's campaign to have its users stop using the Firefox browser because of a donation he made in support of an anti-gay marriage piece of legislation in California in 2008. Mozilla released a statement about the move, …

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