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Mozilla launches Firefox Reality- a dedicated VR and AR web browser

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced that it had been working on a brand new web browser called ‘Firefox Reality'. This is a dedicated version of Firefox meant for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets. This was all done in an effort to get the jump on the future of content consumption and now, we can finally make good use of it ourselves.

Currently, most people browse the web on a PC with a monitor, or on a mobile device. In the years to come as AR and VR headsets start to pick up steam, we may start to see a shift, particularly when higher resolutions start to become available. In order to prepare for that, Mozilla has launched Firefox Reality, which is designed entirely for use on Head-Mounted Displays.

Firefox Reality contains the usual control and privacy options that you would expect from a Mozilla browser. However, the user interface is completely redesigned for VR/AR. This means navigation, text-input, environments and more were reworked.

Firefox Reality makes use of the Quantum Engine for mobile browsers, GPU Acceleration is also present. All of that combined means that users should have a smooth and fast experience, which is always a key focus when it comes to VR applications. Currently, Firefox Reality is in V1.0 but the 1.1 update is just around the corner. In the months that follow, bookmarks, 360 video support, accounts and other useful features will be added.

KitGuru Says: Currently, Firefox Reality is only available on mobile/standalone headsets, like the Oculus Go and Google Daydream. Still, this is an interesting look at what could end up being the future within the next decade. Do any of you currently have a VR headset? Do you only use it for gaming or do you also like to use it for media consumption?

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