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Firefox is finally available for iOS

Mozilla has been promising a version of its Firefox browser for iOS users for some time now, with the app initially announced way back in September last year. Now, Firefox has finally been made available on Apple's App Store, after public beta testing launched in September to help stomp out the bugs for the final release. The browser is available to both iPhone and iPad users.

The Firefox browser has been available on Android for a few years now but Apple and Mozilla had a little dispute that prevented an iOS version for some time. Mozilla changed its mind in the end and now, here we are.


The Firefox browser will include features like Private Browsing, though only for iOS 9, there will be cross-device sync so you don't have to lose all of your bookmarks or history and there will also be something called ‘intelligent searches'. Ultimately, this is good news for those that use Firefox on the desktop and want that experience to sync across to their iOS device for easier use.

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KitGuru Says: I used to primarily be a Firefox user but in the end I switched to Chrome when I made the jump to Android, in order to have all of my stuff sync with my Google account. Firefox can now offer a similar browser experience across platforms, which will help it out a bit in the long run. 

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