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Mozilla kills off Firefox OS for good


The Mozilla Foundation has tried to branch out numerous times over the past decade, with varying levels of success. One area where it really didn’t do as well as it hoped though, was in the creation of Firefox OS powered Mozilla smartphones. Less than a year on from discontinuing the …

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Microsoft Edge is going virtual to protect your browsing

Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge is the next big update coming to Windows 10 and it’s going to encapsulate the Edge browser inside a virtual machine, making it much harder for hackers and malware to attack your machine through a browser exploit. Essentially, it will isolate the browser …

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Chrome to kill Flash by end of year


Following years of security leaks, the world and its dog have decided it’s time we ditched Adobe’s Flash web standard for good, but we can’t just take it out back and shoot it, it needs to be a slow, painful goodbye. That’s been happening for a while now, but Chrome …

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Microsoft will soon be testing Edge browser extensions

Back before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft began talking about its new Edge browser and there has been plenty of talk about extension support but unfortunately, that got pushed back to 2016. Now, Microsoft is close to finally implementing extensions for the Edge browser, at first for Windows Insiders …

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Microsoft will soon have extensions for Edge Browser

Back before Wind0ws 10 launched, there was talk of Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, being compatible extensions.  The feature has taken a while, in-fact Microsoft initially planned to include it in November’s big Threshold 2 update for Windows 10, but now after a few delays it seems that a release is …

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Firefox is finally available for iOS

Mozilla has been promising a version of its Firefox browser for iOS users for some time now, with the app initially announced way back in September last year. Now, Firefox has finally been made available on Apple’s App Store, after public beta testing launched in September to help stomp out …

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Google working to fix Chrome high RAM usage

Chances are, if you use Google Chrome, you have noticed just how much RAM the browser tends to eat up. Well, Google’s development team is also aware of this and is now working on a fix, which will hopefully make Chrome use up fewer resources. Currently Chrome creates a new …

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Microsoft will move away from the Internet Explorer brand

Microsoft has confirmed that it is going to stop using the Internet Explorer brand with the launch of its new browser, currently known as ‘Project Spartan’. This has been hinted at in the past but speaking at Microsoft Convergence yesterday, Marketing Chief, Chris Capossela confirmed it. “We’re now researching what …

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Twitter forces Tor users to give up phone number

To help crack down on nuisance and menacing individuals on Twitter, the social network has enacted a new policy whereby US visitors attempting to set up new accounts via the Tor anonymising browser software will be required to activate a phone number before being able to access it. Setting one …

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Mozilla to block unsigned add-ons from Firefox

It turns out that Mozilla is planning to tighten up its security restrictions regarding add-ons for the Firefox browser. In a blog post the company said that the decision to block unsigned add-ons was made to reduce a user’s chances of installing a dodgy add-on that can do dodgy things …

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Firefox browser may finally come to iOS

iPhone and iPad users may finally be able to download the Firefox browser on their devices soon as Mozilla’s Vice President for the browser is keen to get on to the App Store. This is a step away from Mozilla’s previous stance as the company has stated in the past …

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Mozilla experiments with virtual reality websites

The internet looks a lot different than it did just a few years ago and far different again than a few years before that. The further back you go, the more archaic it seems and the more lacking in modern design choices and style features it is than the years …

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Is this 64bit Firefox faster for you?

Update: As many of our other users have pointed out, any bandwidth improvements seen by those that sent in the original story were likely coincidental, as browser is very unlikely to affect that. However, something like rendering speed for certain browser properties is very much affected by your choice. Putting …

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Torch browser adds music functionality

Once upon a time the default web browser for everyone was Internet Explorer. Those days are long gone though, but so are the ones that saw everyone that considered themselves a bit of a tech head using Firefox. Now people seem to be split quite evenly with the latest IE …

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Ouya could have Firefox support


While you might be looking forward to the Ouya Android console for many reasons, there could now be one more. Mozilla is currently working on making a Ouya compatible version of its Firefox browser, as well as making it easily navigable with a controller. The announcement was made on the …

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