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You can now play the original Tomb Raider in your browser

If you can run Doom on a calculator, then there shouldn’t be much stopping you from running Tomb Raider within your web browser. This week, modder ‘XProger’ revealed that after several months of work, he has managed to mod the original 1996 Tomb Raider to be playable in-browser in both third and first-person view.

The project was inspired by the open-source ‘OpenTomb’ project, which is rebuilding the engine. The website doesn’t make the entire game playable, though it does let you play through the City of Vilcabamba level.

There is a ‘load level’ function on the website, so if you can get hold of the other levels, you should be able to play those in-browser too. Aside from being able to play the game in third and first-person view, the frame rate is also unlocked, so you can play it as smoothly as your PC will allow.

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