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Microsoft will soon have extensions for Edge Browser

Back before Wind0ws 10 launched, there was talk of Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, being compatible extensions.  The feature has taken a while, in-fact Microsoft initially planned to include it in November’s big Threshold 2 update for Windows 10, but now after a few delays it seems that a release is finally on the horizon.

This news came around thanks to a Microsoft Preview site accidentally going live ahead of schedule, showing that an official release is now pegged for early next year.


Edge extensions will likely arrive in a version of Windows 10 Preview prior to its launch, which will allow users to manually download and install extensions, there will also be resources in place to help developers create their own.

A couple of extensions are planned for the preview, including one for Reddit and Pinterest, though there may be more by the time it officially rolls around. Extensions will be put in to the Windows Store and while Edge won’t be flat out compatible with Chrome extensions, there will be a porting tool for developers.

KitGuru Says: While Microsoft’s Edge browser may be an improvement over Internet Explorer, extensions are a pretty big part of the modern browser experience these days. Have any of you tried using the Edge browser? Is there a browser you prefer?

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