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Google Chrome is getting a significant speed boost soon

Google has been working on optimizing the Chrome browser for a while now. Last year the Chrome team announced that it would be trying to reduce RAM usage and now the browser is set to be up to 25 percent faster thanks to an upcoming update that targets performance improvements.

Google is rolling out a new system called Brotli, a compression algorithm that is now ready for public use and will be rolling out in the next release of Chrome.


This news comes from Google Chrome engineer, Ilya Grigorik writing on Google+. The performance boost will see pages launch up to 25 percent faster depending on your system. The Brotli algorithm is also designed to only work over secure, encrypted web connections.

We don't yet know when Google is planning to release the next stable version of Chrome but it should be sometime within the next month. The update will appear on your machine if you have Chrome automatically update.

KitGuru Says: Chrome is the most popular web browser right now so any performance boosts Google can bring to the table will go appreciated by many. How many of you use Chrome? Do you think it needs a bit of a speed boost? 

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