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AMD prepares three new FX-Series processor models

Just days after Intel's new additions to its Core i5 range of processors, we're now hearing of AMD's upcoming move to roll in a few more FX series processor models in the form of the FX-4170, FX-6200 and FX-8150 LCS.

A pre-order price list has been sighted which also shares some details with us on the specs. Beginning with the quad-core FX-4170, this multiplier-unlocked chip with 8MB of L3 cache carries an impressive stock clock rate of 4.2GHz, with Turbo kicking things up a notch to 4.3GHz; making it the first retail AMD CPU with a stock clock speed higher than 4GHz.

Shifting focus to the FX-6200, this hexa-cored model has a 3.8GHz core frequency that will go as high as 4.1GHz with Turbo enabled. It, like the FX-4170 before it sports 8MB of L3 cache and a 125W TDP.

As for the FX-8150 LCS, this is for the U.S. market and as many of you would have been quick to work out, it is an existing eight-core processor model in AMD's FX-Series, but with liquid cooling bundled and carrying a part number of FD8150FRGUWOX versus the boxed air-cooled model which uses a part number of FD8150FRGUBOX. The processor itself remains the same of course, with its 3.6GHz core clock (4.1GHz Turbo), 8MB of L3 cache and also running a TDP of 125W not unlike the two aforementioned models.

Down to the final piece of the picture, pricing. The FX-4170 has its pre-order price set at US $153.27 (expected to drop once released to market), while the FX-6200 runs a pre-order price tag of US $188.48 at the time of writing. It's not at all surprising that the LCS version of the FX-8150 carries quite a heftier price tag than its air-cooled brother; this model being currently listed for US $398.29.

We're unsure at this stage as to when exactly AMD is aiming to pull the trigger on these three new FX-series chips.

KitGuru says: With AMD's only real strength at this time being in the value sense when compared to its mighty rival, it's hard to imagine anyone justifying pricing anywhere near that margin on the FX-8150 LCS.

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