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Starfield pre-loads are now live

Starfield is currently the top-selling game on Steam with fans of Bethesda's previous games flooding in with pre-orders. If you're looking to play the game as soon as possible, then you'll be happy to learn that pre-loading is now live.  You could already preload the Game Pass version of the …

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Starfield preload dates announced

Starfield has passed a significant pre-launch milestone, with confirmation that the game has finally gone gold. That means its runway is now more-or-less clear for the official launch on September 6th, with preload announced too. The preload dates were also revealed on Wednesday, although this varies depending on whether you're …

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You can now pre-load Grand Theft Auto V on PC

Update: The time has come, you can now pre-load Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. The download comes in at 59.0GB on Steam. If you pre-ordered through the Rockstar Warehouse or GreenManGaming, then you will receive your code soon via email, along with links to download the GTA V PC …

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Chrome 17 is out, adds Omnibox prerendering

Another day, another web browser version. Or so it seems between Firefox and Chrome lately. Today is Google's turn with Chrome 17 being released in stable form after a month long beta phase. Build 17.0.963.46 brings with it another performance booster in the form of Omnibox Prerendering support that comes …

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