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Google’s answer to cloud storage launching soon

Google has a massive ecosystem, they cover everything from mobile operating systems to blogs. Perhaps the one and only thing I can think of that they have been missing so far is a cloud storage system and if recent reports are to be believed this will soon be changing. According to the Wall Street Journal Google Drive will be launching soon but no specific window has been made public at this time.

Drive will allow people to easily store and share photos, documents and other files. For example you will be able to upload videos of whole albums to the cloud and quickly share them with a public download link. This isn't exactly new though, it is something I remember Dropbox having for some time now. Google Drive will also presumably integrate into other Google services such as Docs and Picasa.

The service will be free to a point, although it is unknown how large this limit will be. With Dropbox you currently get 2 GB for free, which you can extend by completing miscellaneous tasks. If you or your business end up wanting more storage than what is freely available you can purchase more. This pricing will apparently be cheaper than what Dropbox currently offers which is $99 and $199 for 50 and 100 GB respectively.

Kitguru says: With no launch date set just yet I am hoping for a public launch within the next month accompanied by a robust PC sync application.

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