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Google helping create intelligent rooms

Google has announced the release of a new bit of open source software designed to help develop interactive and intelligent rooms, that are able to tailor certain things to where a person is standing, what they’re looking at, as well as incorporating timed or triggered events.

Wired had a couple of suggestions, such as light controls when a person steps onto certain areas of a room, or motion tracking that tells people it’s not polite to point. While the last part might be a little irritating – how will it know whether I’m pointing at someone else or at the annoying disembodied voice telling me not to do it? – there could be some interesting applications here. In shops, standing in-front of certain displays could give more information about a product. If eyes are tracked, looking at certain parts could offer up facts or figures; how it’s made or where it comes from perhaps.

Google Room
Those people aren't bleeding out, don't worry

Google has so far demonstrated “blob tracking,” where cameras in the ceiling track a person’s movement, causing the floor to light up with a ring around their feet.

The application that controls all this is built around Java and supports Apple’s OS X as well as Microsoft’s Windows and Linux. In the future Google plans to expand to allow for better programming as well as incorporating customised graphical enhancements.

KitGuru Says: What sorts of applications do you think a technology like this has?

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