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Huawei publicly refutes US Government claims of espionage

Huawei has taken a massive hit in the United States market in recent months, as the US government dropped all contracts with the company after claims that the smartphone manufacturer was in the pocket of the Chinese authorities. Huawei has now fired back, calling the accusations of espionage preposterous and …

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Authorities target Kim Dotcom’s family in new court filings

Kim Dotcom isn't everyone's favourite entrepreneur. He's big, brash and has been well known for flaunting his wealth and success over the years. However since the raid on his home in January 2012, he's become quite the activist, taking on governments and copyright lobby groups alike in courts and the …

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US military pirated logistics software for years

The US government is set to wipe a big heaping portion of egg off of its face today, after it was discovered that for several years, the military has been using pirated software, skipping out on over a quarter billion dollars worth of licensing fees. To make the problem go …

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Snowden documents to show international PRISM coop

If you work for an international organisation that has had some dealings with the NSA and its PRISM scheme, but you haven't been found out yet, better duck and cover, as Snowden is set to release documents highlighting the cooperation between your agency and American authorities. Edward Snowden has already …

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Huawei denies spying for the Chinese goverment

Huawei has been the centre of discussion recently, we already know that the British ISP TalkTalk use the company to maintain its filters and that both the ISP and Huawei can add or remove sites from the filter as they see fit. Recently David Cameron praised the company's filtering system in …

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US government shutdown causing web security issues

If you thought the shutdown of drug marketplace the Silk Road was an indication that the US authorities remain on the ball despite their government technically shutting down due to a disagreement over the budget, think again. Thanks to employees not being able to do their job properly, SSL certifications …

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US government potentially has social network spy tools


In a report that shows the capabilities of a piece of social networking snooping technology, developed by Raytheon, a US defence contractor, it has emerged that the tool, while not sold to any foreign parties, was shared with the US government in 2010. This means that the technology, dubbed ironically …

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