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Snowden documents to show international PRISM coop

If you work for an international organisation that has had some dealings with the NSA and its PRISM scheme, but you haven't been found out yet, better duck and cover, as Snowden is set to release documents highlighting the cooperation between your agency and American authorities.

Edward Snowden has already revealed sensitive and embarrassing information on US dealings with the UK and France, but it's being reported by the Washington Post, that much more is yet to come and that US officials are now warning foreign intelligence agencies that their clandestine dealings may be about to be exposed. It's not just allied countries too, but potentially countries that the US would be embarrassed to have had dealings with if it came out. On top of that, it's thought that some officials in the respective countries may not even be aware of the cooperation, which could further make a monkey out of everyone involved.

One supposed scheme involves a NATO country leaking information on Russia to the US, which is then utilised by its military strategists. If Russia were to learn of this loophole it would be quickly closed, according to an unnamed official. It's likely that this involves military capabilities, like troop numbers and weapons systems.

If these were revealed however, it would seemingly go against Snowden's own claims that he doesn't want harm to come from his revelations and that there are certain documents he's sitting on because they wouldn't be beneficial to the world if released. That could be taken one of two ways though: either he's conscientious of his actions, or its acting as some sort of nuclear deterrent.

Snowden has pledged not to reveal documents that could cause harm, or don't serve the public's interests

Despite being given asylum in Russia for the mean time though, Snowden has claimed that he didn't take any documents with him and that there is no chance of the 30,000 or so he took from the NSA's servers, of falling into the hands of either Russia or China.

Kitguru Says: While I'm pleased that we now know a lot of the stuff the Edward Snowden leaks have revealed, I'm not so fussed with hearing about governments spying on governments. I think it is sort of implied that we're all keeping an eye on each other – it's called espionage, it's been going on for hundreds of years. For example, did we really need to have confirmation that the US caused the Stuxnet worm? Wouldn't it have been better if the US was able to deny that and just move on having halted a potentially unstable state from accessing nuclear power? 

This is where The Jester starts to make some interesting points.

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