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U.S. technology group rejects calls for encryption weakening

One of the less surprising outcomes of the Paris Attacks last week, was governments and intelligence agencies around the world citing it as a prime example of why they need more resources and better access to civilian communications and browsing histories. While in the U.K. the government has discussed bringing …

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Snowden documents to show international PRISM coop

If you work for an international organisation that has had some dealings with the NSA and its PRISM scheme, but you haven’t been found out yet, better duck and cover, as Snowden is set to release documents highlighting the cooperation between your agency and American authorities. Edward Snowden has already …

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Inquiry ordered on Kim Dotcom ‘spying’

Dotcom Raid

An inquiry has been ordered by the New Zealand Prime Minster, John Key, into whether the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) – NZ’s foreign intelligence agency – conducted unlawful spying on the Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, as part of the investigation. According to Mr Key(via Beehive.govt), the GCSB acted unlawfully …

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