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Dr Disrespect and Twitch settle lawsuit, neither side ‘admits any wrongdoing’

Back in 2019, Twitch signed live streamer, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, to a huge exclusivity deal to keep him streaming on the platform. A quick few months later, Twitch broke off the partnership and banned Guy from the platform. For two years, Guy Beahm has been suing Twitch for breach of contract, but rather than taking the case to trial, both parties have now settled. 

In a rather unceremonious update to the drama, last night Dr Disrespect simply tweeted a statement that reads: “I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits any wrongdoing”. No further details are offered, so we don't know if money changed hands and we still don't know the true reason behind Beahm's Twitch ban in the first place.

This does not mean that Beahm is now allowed to return to Twitch, nor does it mean he would be willing to return. The only additional piece of information Beahm has offered so far is confirmation that he will remain on YouTube.

There was much speculation around the Twitch ban at the time, as it followed a wave of allegations of inappropriate behaviour levied at a number of notable streamers and creators. Unfortunately, this settlement means the truth will likely never come to light.

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KitGuru Says: We're probably never going to know why Twitch really banned Dr Disrespect, but his career hasn't exactly slowed down since jumping to YouTube, Beahm has even started his own game studio recently and is actively working on a new competitive shooter. 


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