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Dr Disrespect apparently doesn’t know why Twitch banned his account

Just a few months ago, Twitch signed Dr Disrespect to a very lucrative exclusivity deal to keep streaming on the platform. Things took a rather drastic turn this week though, as he was banned, reportedly permanently. 

There are plenty of rumours around why Dr Disrespect may have been banned but for now, the man himself says that Twitch has not yet given a specific reason:

There are of course plenty of rumours over what may have caused this, ranging from secret contract talks with competing platforms all the way to potential violations of the law.

Rod Breslau, a notable esports journalist, reported that the ban was intended to be permanent and has also been in touch with sources claiming to know why the ban was passed down. However, for the time being, those reasons are not public.

KitGuru Says: There has been a wave of allegations amongst streamers over the last couple of weeks, but so far, we don’t know if Dr Disrespect’s ban has anything to do with that. Either way, Twitch seems to know something that the rest of us don’t. Hopefully we can get some answers in the coming days. 

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