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Wikipedia bars Daily Mail as citation source

After deeming the Daily Mail as “unreliable,” Wikipedia editors have voted to ban the publication as a source for the online encyclopaedia. This isn’t something Wikipedia often engages in, and it still cites a number of often considered biased publications, like Fox News and Russia Today. “The Daily Mail’s reputation …

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UK law could soon ban ‘non-conventional porn’ online


Do you partake in pornography that is considered “non-conventional?” Who knows right? That’s a pretty vague term, but it’s the exact wording of the currently under-debate, Digital Economy Bill, which is being pushed through parliament. If enacted, it could force ISPs to put blocks in place for any sites that …

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11,000 CS:GO cheaters were banned today


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can quickly become a frustrating game if you encounter cheaters, especially in a competitive match. However, today it looks like someone revved up the Valve Anti-Cheat engine as more than 11,000 players were hit with the ban hammer in one of the largest ban waves of the …

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Porn sponsors banned again in Esports tournament

Despite efforts by some of the more well known tube pornography websites to legitimise themselves as mainstream companies, Esports organisations are doing their best to push back on that narrative. Following a ban of Youporn’s pro team from the ESL competition, the same has happened with Capcom’s Pro Tour. Although the ESL …

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G2A responds to League of Legends sponsorship ban

Earlier this week, Riot officially took a stance against the controversial, grey market key selling site G2A. The site was banned from sponsoring any more professional League of Legends teams and its logo was to be immediately removed from any merchandise or marketing material present at the up coming League …

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Fake swatting yourself can get you in trouble too

Swatting has become something of an occupational hazard for popular Twitch and Youtube streamers. If their address is somehow leaked, there are a nefarious few around the world who have falsely called in armed police responses to their homes. It’s very dangerous and can land those responsible in jail, but …

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China announces an end to console sale ban in country

Considering the buzz that’s generated in Western countries when a new games console is launched, it seems strange to imagine a country as vast as China not joining in on that hype, but since the turn of the century, China has banned the sale and production of video game consoles …

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Reddit riots over banning of r/fatpeoplehate

Despite its corporate ownership, Reddit is often held up as an example of freedom of speech in action, with just as many bizarre subreddits as there are distasteful ones. It’s for that reason that redditors have been rioting over the past 48 hours, following the ban of one of its …

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Blizzard bans World of Warcraft bot users

Blizzard has gone ahead and dropped the ban hammer, wiping out thousands of bot using World of Warcraft accounts in one swoop. Those found to be using the popular HonorBuddy system were faced with six month bans from the game. HonorBuddy was a popular bot system that claims to have …

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