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Valve is banning blockchain games and NFTs from Steam

Alongside the latest cryptocurrency wave, NFT and blockchain games have started to bloom more than ever. At the moment, many developers are working on blockchain-based games with NFTs, and some are already on Steam. However, that will soon change, as Valve is banning all blockchain games and NFTs from its game store.

The developer of Age of Rust, a blockchain-based game that awards you with NFTs for completing puzzles, was notified that Steam would ban all blockchain games and NFTs from Steam because they have real-world value, and that's against the rules. Looking at the updated “Rules and Guidelines” of Steam's onboarding page, you can see that the thirteenth point specifically rules out “applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs”. The new rule is still absent from the same section on the Steamworks distribution program page, but it should be added soon.

Blockchain games and NFTs are sometimes associated with scams, and it would seem that Valve does not want to be linked to that kind of activity. With that said, some games based on these new technologies have found success, like Axie Infinity.

This new ban on Steam will likely also have an impact on the Steam Marketplace, which already has some items that look like NFTs. Valve has not revealed its plans for Steam Marketplace items yet, but any future changes would likely prohibit any NFTs from being sold or traded outside of the Steam Marketplace.

KitGuru says: Do you agree with Steam's decision? Do you think that blockchain games and NFTs will play a big role in the future of gaming? 

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