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Ubisoft employees ask ‘are we competing with EA for most hated company?’ as NFT push continues

A good number of developers at Ubisoft have been just as confused as the rest of us by the publisher's recent push into the NFT market. Ubisoft recently attempted to change the minds of its employees by offering them a free NFT, but as you might expect, that didn't exactly do the trick, leading to another surge in complaints on Ubisoft's private company-wide feedback forum. 

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SEGA will start selling NFTs

NFTs have become the latest controversial blockchain technology, allowing people to (in theory) sell digital art in a similar way to that of a physical piece of media – offering an authenticated sense of ownership over a particular piece. The practice has been steep in controversy due to a number …

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Kim Dotcom to launch MegaUpload 2.0 in hours?

Consistently legally embattled entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, has pledged to make a big announcement in just a few hours time. As he has consistently done since his original arrest in 2012, on its annual anniversary – 20th January – he plans to make a big announcement and this time around, it's related …

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Ethereum leveraged for new smart-contract blockchain


Public blockchain platform, Ethereum, is being used as the backbone for a new, smart-contract system built on blockchain technology, which should help guarantee workers are paid for services and provide safeguards for all parties before hand. It's hoped that such a system could enhance If This Then That (IFTTT) business, …

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MegaUpload 2 won’t even host files itself

Since the original MegaUpload was shut down by authorities in 2012 and its many assets seized, original founder Kim Dotcom has been trying to develop a new file locker which cannot fall foul to old pitfalls. He's not quite managed it yet, but MegaUpload 2.0 might make it a reality, …

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Mt. Gox penniless long before closure

The closure of Mt Gox was one of the biggest bitcoin related stories of 2014, despite it taking place early in the year. However, it's now come to light that despite being one of the world's prominent bitcoin exchanges and depositories, it was in-fact insolvent for a long time before …

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Fiatleak lets you watch global bitcoin buys live

As with every week for the past month, anyone that recently sold a bitcoin is feeling stupid, as the value is continuing to rise at an unprecedented rate (at the time of writing it's at $715). Suddenly people that spent a few hundred dollars back in September are sitting on …

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Are money launderers ruining Bitcoin buying?

Bitcoin is a brilliantly anonymous currency. Once its yours, you can do what you like with it and it's very difficult for anyone to track that down – you know, like cash. However one of the problems with it is that with mining becoming an unprofitable venture for all those …

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Bitcoin bounces back after dropping $130 in a few hours

We've been reporting on Bitcoin's value explosion over the past couple of months, but for the past few days it's been tumultuous at best. Yesterday saw the highest Bitcoin value ever, topping out at around $266 per Bitcoin, but this was the final slog in Bitcoin's uphill sprint as it quickly tumbled …

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Bitcoin value continues to climb – almost $50 each


Bitcoin may be a currency without much in the way of physical, real world value, but as with everyone, something's worth is defined by what someone is willing to pay for it. And apparently people are willing to pay more and more for Bitcoins, as the value of the digital …

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