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Fiatleak lets you watch global bitcoin buys live

As with every week for the past month, anyone that recently sold a bitcoin is feeling stupid, as the value is continuing to rise at an unprecedented rate (at the time of writing it’s at $715). Suddenly people that spent a few hundred dollars back in September are sitting on thousands of dollars worth of digital currency. It could crash at any time of course, but until then, Fiatleak gives you a great look in at what parts of the world are most interested in buying up the coins.

Fiatleak works by correlating the data from the world’s biggest exchanges, including: MT.GOX, BITSTAMP, BTCChina, BTC-E, Bit2c, Mercado Bitcoin BR. However, despite the worldwide nature of the tracking, it hardly seems necessary. As everybody’s been discussing recently when it comes to bitcoins, the biggest buyers are the Chinese, who are really starting to buy in bulk. Since I popped the site open, over 750 bitcoins have changed hands and in that time, the US accounts for 86 of them, the entirety of Europe another 29, but China? It’s bought over 630.

The rest of the world combined doesn’t even come close to China’s bitcoin buying rate

KitGuru Says: If like me you’ve been following the currency’s value for a while and you like gawping at the sheer volume of money sitting behind some of the transactions that are now ongoing, take a peak at the Blockchain homepage. The latest transactions are fun to check in on, as you’ll occasionally see a few hundred coins change hands and you know that you’re looking at close to million dollar trades.

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