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Square Enix drops teaser trailer for Symbiogenesis, the publisher’s first NFT game

Square Enix has been talking about experimenting with blockchain technology and NFTs for quite some time. In late 2022, the publisher announced its first step into this market with Symbiogenesis, a “digital collectable art project” designed for “Web3 fans”. Now, this “game” has its first official trailer. 

The teaser trailer is just over 40 seconds long and doesn't really show much. We see some world art, but no specific characters were revealed. Given that this NFT-driven game is supposed to be about collecting NFTs of individual characters, I would say that this isn't a great first showing.

While the trailer doesn't show us much, Square Enix has offered a few other details about this project. For instance, it is supposed to have over 10,000 ‘collectable artworks' that provide ‘real game utility' once picked up by the player. These NFT characters will have unique designs showing characters of “various races and professions”.

Square Enix plans to sell 10,000 character NFTs as each chapter of the game is revealed. So not only is this an NFT game, it is an episodic NFT game with limited-quantity ‘drops'. There will be six chapters in the Symbiogenesis story.

We should get more details on this game on the 17th of March, when Square Enix plans to go live with the game's official website.

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KitGuru Says: Perhaps Square Enix will find an audience with this but the publisher is going to have to show something a bit more compelling if it wants to draw in anyone outside of the NFT-bro crowd. 

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