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Square Enix announces its first NFT game – Symbiogenesis

Square Enix has been talking about experimenting with blockchain technology and NFTs for quite some time and now, the publisher has announced its first ‘Web3' game – Symbiogenesis. 

Rather than forcing NFTs into an existing franchise or game like Ubisoft, Square Enix is starting up a new IP for its first push into this area. Symbiogenesis is apparently a “digital collectable art project designed from the ground up for Web3 fans”, whatever that means.

The ‘game' will feature a “wide cast of characters”, which can be collected as digital art. It will also feature an “interactive story”. I'm going to be honest, reading these descriptions, it doesn't sound like much of a game. Players will be tasked with collecting NFTs based on characters in the game. Once you've collected one of these characters, you can use them in the game. There will be missions to play and a ‘mystery to untangle' through the game's story mode.

Symbiogenesis will be launching in Spring 2023 and Square Enix is already leaning heavily into the NFT aspect as part of its marketing.

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KitGuru Says: At the very least, we should be thankful that Square Enix is using a new IP for its foray into ‘Web3' games, rather than forcing them into an established series like Final Fantasy. Still, that doesn't mean we won't see that happen sometime in the future. Do you think Symbiogenesis will be a success? 

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