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SCUM (PC) – Gameplay

Scum aims to evolve the MMO survival scene with insane levels of customisation, where your knowledge of the environment and efficiency with survival will be the difference between life and death. So how long will you survive? Watch via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over on YouTube HERE  Gamepires …

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GAME to start selling games inside WHSmiths


As the world of gaming downloads more and more games and retreats ever further from the high-street, outlets like GAME are looking to remain relevant. Its latest effort includes teaming up with fellow real-world shopfront, WHSmith. Although the book seller stopped shifting games itself back in 2010, GAME will now …

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GAME and OCUK team up for in-store eSports zone


Last year, GAME and Overclockers UK teamed up to get more PC gaming hardware inside retail stores and visible on the high-street. Now this week, those PC gaming efforts are expanding, with plans to put an ‘eSports zone’ inside of GAME stores that will host ten OCUK-built gaming rigs for …

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The machines are winning: AI beats master at Go

A computer algorithm put together by Google’s DeepMind engineers, has managed to beat a human champion of the ancient game of Go. This is the first time in history that an AI was able to defeat a person without a severe handicap. Although it still has to face a world champion, …

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Updated: Overclockers, GAME team up to get PCs in store

Update: Overclockers UK has announced that due to the success of its partnership with GAME stores in Basingstoke and Manchester, it will be rolling out its high-end gaming PCs and components to eight more locations around the country. Already prospective buyers can pop into Stockton’s Teeside Shopping Park to see …

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GAME’s Christmas sales fall from last year

It doesn’t seem that long ago that GAME, like a number of high-street gaming and technological chain stores, was bankrupt and needed to be saved by outside finances. Since then it’s had some measure of recovery, but it’s not doing amazing. Christmas sales have not been as strong as expected …

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1984 eat your heart out: China has gamified government loyalty

Ah China, such a wonderfully helpful tool in discussing impeaches of privacy and personal liberty. It’s like the ball pit at the bottom of the slippery slope. The government there has created a tool that uses data collected from retailers, social networks and messaging applications, to rate a web user’s …

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The weird and wonderful at Multiplay i56

Although far from its largest show of the year, Multiplay’s major Christmas LAN event, Insomnia 56 (i56) still has a lot on show. While we’d love to take you all with us on a virtual tour of the entire show, we can’t quite afford that new Nokia VR camera just …

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