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The next Dragon Ball game takes inspiration from Dead by Daylight

In a surprise announcement today, Bandai Namco revealed Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a completely different take on the franchise, with inspiration coming from asymmetrical multiplayer titles like Dead by Daylight. In this game, you'll play as one of the main Dragon Ball Z villains, aiming to wipe out survivors in West City before they can escape. 

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is set in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse universe, which heavily incorporates Time Travel and alternate timeline scenarios. One of those timelines appears to include Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu invading earth to terrorise human citizens, while the Z-fighters are nowhere to be found.

The trailer shows off the concept quite well, with Cell arriving in a city and hunting humans to absorb in order to transform into his perfect form. Each match will include one player in control of the villain, and seven players as survivors, running around the map and evading detection while gathering items to escape the area.

Cell can get more powerful as the match goes on, transforming to his second form and his perfect form upon capturing survivors. The game is set to release on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in 2022 and a closed beta test on PC should happen very soon.

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KitGuru Says: Modern Dragon Ball games tend to stick to one of three categories, card battlers, 2D fighters and 3D fighters. With that in mind, it's nice to see something entirely different and unexpected for a Dragon Ball video game. Now we'll just have to wait and see if Dimps can deliver this with enough care and polish to garner an ongoing player base. 

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