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Jury orders Oculus to pay $500 million to Zenimax

It looks like Zenimax’s $2 billion lawsuit against Oculus wasn’t something that could easily be brushed off after all as today, a US jury ruled in Zenimax’s favour. Following the ruling, Oculus must pay $500 million to Zenimax, with $50 million of it coming from Palmer Luckey himself and $150 …

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Qualcomm execs fire back at Apple’s $1 billion lawsuit

Last week, we learned that Apple had launched a huge $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm over what the company deemed to be unfair licensing agreements. The US Federal Trade Commission was also suing Qualcomm for similar reasons. Since then, Qualcomm had its third quarter earnings call, during which company executives …

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Update: Newegg clears up lawsuit email confusion


As we reported last night, this week, Newegg began sending out emails to Nvidia GTX 980, GTX 960 and even AMD R9 graphics card buyers, talking about a class-action lawsuit settlement. This was quite the surprise as we had never heard of any lawsuits occurring over these GPUs specifically and …

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No Man’s Sky is facing more legal issues


Just recently, the team behind No Man’s Sky managed to escape a worrying three-year long legal battle with BskyB over the use of the word Sky in the game’s title. This was a big relief at the time but unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for long as No Man’s Sky …

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Someone is suing Valve over CSGO skin gambling

One of the core elements to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s success is the item skin trading system. People buy keys to crates, sell old skins and buy new ones on the Steam marketplace constantly but there is also a vert successful, though unofficial, gambling scene for CS:GO. Valve is pretty hands-off …

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