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2K Games hacked, official support emails have been sending out virus downloads

Take-Two is having a rough week. One bad actor already managed to worm their way into Rockstar's network, leading to a massive GTA 6 leak. Now, one of Take-Two's other subsidiaries, 2K Games, is having security problems of its own. Someone managed to gain access to the company's help desk platform, allowing them to send out a virus download to unsuspecting users. 

In a message posted last night, 2K Support confirmed that an unauthorised third-party managed to obtain access to its help desk platform, which is used to organise tickets and requests from users. After gaining access, this person sent out official 2K Support emails to users, telling them to download a 2K Games launcher. Naturally, this isn't a real program, and is instead an information-stealing virus in disguise.

Because the link to this dodgy malware was sent by the official 2K Support email, it is likely that many users did download the program and unwittingly granted a hacker access to their system. As reported by Bleeping Computer, the dodgy launcher file specifically targets things like FileZilla, Discord, Steam, web browsers and more, all in an effort to steal login credentials and information.

The malware in question is known as RedLine, and it is entirely geared towards stealing data, from browser history and cookies, to credit card information, VPN credentials, cryptocurrency and more. Whether or not this attack is linked to the recent attack on Rockstar Games still remains to be seen.

If you recently submitted a support ticket to 2K Games and received an email telling you to download a 2K Launcher, do not follow those instructions. Anyone who did put the malware on their PC will need to to a virus scan and remove it.

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KitGuru Says: Given that this link was blasted out to users from an official 2K Support address, it is likely that quite a few fell into the trap. The best thing we can do now is boost awareness so that others can avoid it. 

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